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AbrasiMet™ 250 Manual Abrasive Cutter

The AbrasiMet 250 Manual Abrasive Cutter features manual cutting action with best in class lighting, visibility and cut capacity. With its large workspace and versatile vising options, this cutter enables simple, quick and easy positioning of samples for cutting and sectioning. When combined with the PetroCut™ Vise Table, the AbrasiMatic 250 becomes a highly competent Petrographic or Geological cutting tool.

  • Manual operation, 4Hp
  • 10in [254mm] wheel capacity
  • 12mm T-Slot Stainless Steel bed
  • Includes mechanical brake (Recirculating System and vising not included)

AbrasiMatic 300 Abrasive Cutter

The AbrasiMatic 300 Abrasive Cutter is a bench top cutter featuring manual cutting action in 3 directions or automated cutting in 1 direction. The 4 sectioning methods available are: Z-axis(up-down) chop direction, X-axis serial section direction, Y-axis longitudinal direction, or automatic Y-axis sectioning.

  • Manual or automatic operation, 5Hp
  • 12in [305mm] wheel capacity
  • Optional X & Y-axis motion
  • SmartCut™ feedback system included
  • Touchscreen interface (Includes SuperAlloy Abrasive Wheels. Recirculating System and vising not included)

Delta Manual Action Cutter

The Delta Manual Action Cutter, quickly cuts samples up to 5in [127mm]. An adjustable, manual lever arm enables operators to control the feed rate. Three button control is simple to operate. Highlights: large workspace, accessible blade chaning, coolant spray shield, hood safety lock, electronic brake.

  • Manual operation, 10Hp
  • 14in [356mm] wheel capacity
  • 14mm T-Slot Stainless Steel bed
  • Includes electronic brake (Series 10-2332 Recirculating System, Cool 2 and 2 T-Slot beds included. Vising not included.)